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As one half of the production duo Sharpshooters, DJ Sureshot helped bridge the gap between hip-hop and jazz in the early days of what would come to be known as acid jazz. The duo’s classic 1996 debut Choked Up was a mixture of live instruments and sample-heavy boom bap that helped put their hometown of Seattle on the hip-hop map. Sureshot’s crate-digging expertise later led him to release some popular break records and reissues, and in recent years he’s become active in the vibrant music scene of the city he now calls home, San Francisco. Taking the next step in his own musical evolution, DJ Sureshot is now proud to present his highly anticipated new project, the Symphony Symphony Solution. After an intro EP earlier this year, the debut SSS full-length Elegant Aggression is now set to hit stores.

Blending hard-hitting hip hop beats seemlessly with lush live jazz-rock instrumentation, the Sureshot Symphony Solution is an eclectic mix of musical styles with a heavy emphasis on experimentation. "The whole project is psychedelic-influenced," explains Surehot. "Whether it's a soul song, a rap song, or a Reggae track, it's all based on that late 60s, early 70s psychedelic sound." With vocalists ranging from underground hip-hop stalwart Ohmega Watts to neo-soul favorite Coultrain to Reggae crooner Noel Ellis to Northern Soul legend The Mighty Pope, Sureshot has crafted a project that defies typical genre boundaries. "I've been exposed to a lot of music over the years," he says. "I'm constantly learning, constantly evolving, constantly trying to take chances and push myself." While the music may be diverse, it's unified by Sureshot's boom-bap mentality. "All my music has a hard edge to it," he explains. "Even if it has the feel of an old library record or soundtrack, it still has that hard hip-hop beat behind it. That's why I called it Elegant Aggression."

CD includes a bonus disc will all instrumentals, and limited edition 3xLP random-colored vinyl also includes instrumentals.

1. Sureshot Symphony Solution Theme
2. Chair On The Ceiling (feat. Coultrain)
3. Hate The Real (feat. Moeses Soulright)
4. Half Man, Half Bionic (feat. Ohmega Watts)
5. Four Twenty
6. Mr. Fortune & Fame (feat. The Mighty Pope)
7. You Can't Keep Running Away From Love (feat. Myron & E)
8. Taste It
9. Tell Me What You See (feat. Moeses Soulright)
10. Singing Memories (feat. Noel Ellis)
11. Easier Said Than Done (feat. Ion Anomaly)
12. Skeletons
13. Soundbwoy Massacre (feat. Glen Ricketts & Mad Fanatic)
14. In The Name Of The Father (feat. Glen Ricketts)

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