Self Scientific – Gods & Gangsters

Self Scientific – Gods & Gangsters From: $7.99

From: $7.99

The West Coast duo of Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil has been keeping the Cali underground hot for years. Now, they're back with some fresh music to keep fans from causing a riot. All songs produced by DJ Khalil, and guests include Paul Mooney, Planet Asia, Talib Kweli and many more.

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1. Intro
2. Change Pt. 1
3. Seven (ft. E Rule, Big Reece, GT & Bad Azz)
4. Inner City
5. Circa 89′
6. Jealous (ft. Daude Sherelis)
7. Bloodcuzzins Organization (ft. Bro. Al Pitman)
8. Red Streetz (ft. Kombo, David Muhammad, & Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.)
9. Killaz & Builders (ft. Krondon & Paul Mooney)
10. Interview/Just When I Thought (ft. Planet Asia & Kombo)
11. Confrontation With A Gangsta (ft. Born Allah & Bro. Tarik Ross)
12. Rap Is Outta Control
13. Amungst Gods (ft. Born Allah & Talib Kweli)
14. For The Gods & Gangstas (ft. Planet Asia)
15. Pedals
16. DJ Warrior (Drop)
17. Triggerside (ft. Phil The Agony & Mitchy Slick)
18. Gimme A Lift
19. Be Easy (ft. Phil Da Agony & Self Allah)
20. Outro


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