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From: $6.99


In recent years, Brooklyn-bred MC Hell Razah has become one of the most prolific artists in hip-hop’s underground, releasing albums with 4th Disciple, Shabazz The Disciple, Blue Sky Black Death, and his super-group, Black Market Militia. Heaven Razah marks a rebrith for the Sunz Of Man member and Wu-Tang affiliate, who has re-fashioned himself as a modern day hip-hop prophet, spitting spiritual wisdom about the apocalypse, the presence of demons, mortality, and the afterlife. The result is a cohesive, definitive artistic statement, a rarity in today's singles-driven world. While Razah is still in recovery after April brain surgery and won't be 100% for a while, fans can celebrate the fact that the Brooklyn MC has delivered the classic album we knew he was capable of. All proceeds from Heaven Razah will go to support Razah's recovery.

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Product Description

1. The Arrival (Intro)
2. Negro Angelitos
3. Book of Heaven Razah
4. Medical Kush
5. Raised in Hell
6. Fear of God
7. Cinematic
8. Return of the Renaissance (ft. R.A. The Rugged Man)
9. Kids In The Street
10. A Brooklyn Tale (feat. Shabazz The Disciple)
11. Selah
12. Dear Lord
13. My Testimony (feat. Darnell McClain)
14. Heaven on Earth (feat. Timbo King & Darnell McClain)
15. Armageddon
16. Blessed Be The Meek (Digital-Only Bonus)


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