B (aka Blu) – Jesus

B (aka Blu) – Jesus From: $7.99

From: $7.99

Recently, a mysterious album titled Jesus turned up on the popular music site Bandcamp, uploaded by an artist calling himself “b”. Soon, the LP was discovered to be the latest work from enigmatic L.A. rapper Blu, and within hours, it was the talk of the blogosphere. The album was soon removed, but now it’s back, this time in physical form. New World Color is proud to present the latest lo-fi masterpiece from one of hip-hop’s most intriguing figures. Officially the debut for alter-ego “b”, Jesus is sure to satisfy the cult-like fanbase that’s been steadily growing around the artist most famously known as Blu.

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Product Description

1. New Shit
2. What If I Was
3. On The Porch
4. Lucky
5. DMZ
6. Burgandy
7. 4 U
8. Doo Whop
9. Birdz N Beez
10. Jesus
11. Do the Knowledge


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